Sunset flight at Mt. Swansea

P1/P2 Novice rating

This course will take the student from the absolute basics to complete their full HPAC Novice rating (P2), which allows them to fly on their own safely, and at most rating-required sites around the world.

  • Ground school (P1/P2)
    This course will include a minimum of 12 hours in classroom lectures covering Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Air Regulations, Risk Management and how to handle and maintain flight gear. This will also include the basics in how to “ground handle, how to launch a paraglider and do your first flights from the practice hill.

    • 5 days of “Ground school” and first flights from the practice hill. The cost is
      $1250 per person – minimum of 2 people
      $1750 per person – for one person
    • 5 day “Ground school” over 2 weekends cost is
      $650 per person per weekend – minimum of 2 people
      $900 per person per weekend – for one person
  • Supervised flights (by appointment)
    The Practical lessons include ground handling, foot and/or winch launch, landing approaches and air work.
    To obtain the P2 rating, you need to have a minimum of 25 high mountain flights or 35 towed supervised flights.

    • Supervised Mountain flights at Mt. Swansea
      • Flight gear included $90/flight
      • Fly with your own gear $60/flight
        *Note: transportation is not included and the going rate is $10 per ride to anyone who is driving up.
    • Supervised flights on Scooter-Winch (min of 35 flights required)
      • Flight gear included $55/flight
      • Fly with your own gear $35/flight
    • The HPAC Novice rating exam and log book is included in the course fees.
We continue to update our calendar if we add new or additional courses during the year.
Please contact us if you have a specific date that would work for you, or if you would like to book a private or private group lesson.

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