DSC_0370Merry Christmas and happy holidays from
Max, Penny, Katia and Erik,

We are having so much fun up at Panorama Mountain Resort and it is hard to do all the activities we like to do in one day.
Below is a short video of our annual Santa flying on Christmas day, followed with down hill skiing and than snow-shoeing which includes to shake as many trees as possible…
We call this now our Christmas Triathlon!

Seasons Greetings and a happy and healthy 2016!






Today, Dec 23 2015, the ski & fly season is now open.
This year the ski hill is in great conditions, not every year Panorama is able to open the “Sunbird” triple chair this soon.
Anyhow, no more excuses why you can not go flying in the winter. Panorama is supporting us a lot again this year and you will be able to get a Ski & fly day pass for only $30.
More detailed information about flying at Panorama is at

Here is my midlife crises convertible.
Check out our “Family flying over the Columbia Valley with my new “convertible” video.
Stay tuned for the next flying season as we will also be offering “Discovery Flights”


Screenshot 2015-12-11 at 4.29.04 AMH-Hiking in the Purcell Mountains……
WOW, Heli Hiking?….
No, Horse Assisted Hiking
with www.AbarZ.ca is the ultimate way to hike above the treeline for multi-day trips. You only carry a light pack and horses carry gear, camping equipment and gourmet food, while you enjoy an rustic adventure as Trappers, Cowboys and Explorers did in the olden days.
What an amazing trip!

If you like to see more pictures, go to


This years Lakeside event was an amazing event with great people and a awesome party and dinner.
Instead of writing about it, have a look at Danny Wolf’s video to see our playground and mark your calendar to come for the 40th annual Lakeside Splash down Aug 6th 2016.

Well done Danny

We had an incredible summer and every day was loaded with a lot of lake and mountain activities.

Here is a video from Nathan Livingston to give you an idea about our local flying site.

Well done Nathan

Back flying the Babin Air Cessna again.
Had an amazing flight with Tony and Pat in the early morning around Mt. Farnham and checking out some bad ass climbing routes.
Than it turned out that we needed to pick up a new van for Columbia River Kayak & Canoe in Edmonton. Dave flew up with me from Invermere to Edmonton via Banff and Minnewanka Lake and on my flight back I flew from Edmonton to Rocky Mt. House along the Saskatchewan River to Golden and home.
Life is awesome.






Thermal & Cross Country Clinic
June 26-28
Thermal & Cross Country Clinic with Max Fanderl

Max flying over Chisel Peak

This Thermal XC Clinic will help pilots who have never flown in thermals, and those who want to perfect their technique. Pilots gain a huge amount of insight and knowledge by the end of the clinic allowing them to take their flying to the next level, and start working towards Cross Country flying. Here is a list of some of the topics we cover in our thermal clinic.

Will offer Google Earth presentations, including track logs and XC maps, on the most popular XC routes in the Columbia Valley, BC.
There are so many topics to cover over a weekend clinic you will find it to be a very rewarding experience regardless of the weather. You can bet when a good flying day presents itself we’ll head up the hill and plan an XC route for the day.

Happy landings

Our 2.5 month South Africa family holiday was a blast and it was a very cool experience for the kids and me to get to know Penny’s stomping ground.
Thanks again to everyone we met and from Penny’s very close family members and friends and flying friends, you all made this an unforgettable holiday.

In my previous post we posted already a lot of pictures of the safaris and more and here just a couple more flying videos from the Garden Route.


Here is a quick update of our South Africa Trip.
The trip has been absolutely amazing and we are constantly on the move going from one adventure to the next.
Here is a short “Hike & fly” video when we were at Pierre Carter’s (xAlps ZA) parents place at Champagne Castle – Drakensberg.
Thanks again for Pierre to arrange this and many thanks to his parents Bill and Denise for their great hospitality.

Follow the link below for more “Hike & Fly” pictures.

Here are some more pictures of other activities in the Champagne Castle area

Before that we traveled from Johannesburg to the Krueger Park and we have a whole load of pictures at

We are now at the start of the “Garden route” and will add more pictures soon.

Erik, Katia, Penny and Max