Max and Penny at the 2009 xAlps finish
Max & Penny participate in the RedBull xAlps for the 4th time

  • Paragliding and hiking through 864km (as the crow flies) of treacherous mountain terrain.
  • 8 turnpoints from Austria (Salzburg) via Italy, Swizerland, France to Monaco
  • Up to 20 days of racing, 24 hours/day

The Red Bull has established itself as one of the toughest and most spectacular adventure races in the world. The race goes on day and night, through sun, wind, rain and snow, until the first pilot reaches Monaco.

On July 17th 2011, 32 teams from around the world, including Canada’s Max Fanderl (Athlete) and Penny Powers (Supporter), will race non-stop through the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, with just a paraglider and a pair of hiking boots. Their every move is tracked by advanced technology and broadcast to an audience of millions.

Only invited teams can participate in this race. Red Bull chose 32 teams based on who they believe are capable of tackling such terrain, and who they believe can put their bodies through such tough conditions, as well as fight through the mental fatigue one experiences. This means that there is no guaranteed spot for specific countries. The top 32 teams in the world are selected, and as we have been chosen, we are very proud to represent Canada in this international adventure race among 22 other countries.




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